Asymmetric Noise Syndrome Recording Studio

Asymmetric Noise Syndrome Recording Studio

I, a.k.a Qwayzee, am the mastermind behind the Asymmetric Noise Syndrome (organic-electronic, experimental music project).


The idea behind the Asymmetric Noise Syndrome, was conceived in the year of 2006 as a result of a constant need to deviate from mainstream and widely available music genres into something more unique, more creative, challenging and experimental. Drawing elements from glitch, noise, acid, drum’n’bass and from other various niche music sub-genres, Asymmetric Noise Syndrome is a self-expanding journey into unknown.

Current recording and production studio consists of:

  • MacBook and custom-built Quad Core PC system.
  • Edirol DA2496 and Edirol FA66 audio interfaces.
  • Yamaha CS6x control synthesizer with Yamaha PLG150-AN and PLG150-DX boards.
  • Novation KS4 virtual analogue synthesizer.
  • MaM MB33-MKII analogue bass synthesizer (TB303 clone).
  • Akai MPD24 and Evolution X-Session Pro midi control interfaces.
  • Samson Resolve A8 and Resolve A5 active studio monitors.
  • Shure microphone, sound recorder, Technics SL1200 turntables, Numark DJ mixers, Pioneer CDJ’s, Serato Scratch interface, various percussive instruments.
  • Hundreds of original press jazz, big band and swing vinyl records, LPs and albums to-be sampled and looped.


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