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Pulsate when Simple equals Ingenious

Pulsate Screenshot

Pulsate Screenshot

Just recently I stumbled upon the Pulsate, a study application developed in Adobe Flash by Andre Michelle at AM Laboratory.

At glance, Pulsate is a random melody generator, very simple to use yet addictive and lot of fun. Just click anywhere on the pad to create two or more circles and listen how melody is being generated upon collision of the circles.

Sound, generated by the Pulsate, is very reminiscent of the legendary Yamaha DX7’s sine-wave.

Besides being a perfect toy for killing time, Pulsate can also be used in studio environment when used as an iPhone/iPad app (luckily it is available in iTunes store for purchase).

Pros: random melody generator, soothing tone, full pitch range, simple, interactive, powerful, polyphonic, addictive and entertaining.

Cons: no save function for circle locations, can’t remove individual circles.

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