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Melodica for iPhone/iPad


Melodica Screenshot

Melodica Screenshot

Continuing on the subject of an unorthodox approach in music production, i’ve decided to review yet another funky iPhone / iPad application – Melodica. As its predecessor reviewed earlier (TonePad), Melodica is bit more elaborate version of the tonematrix , and here is why:


It too, boasts a polyphonic sound engine, which unlike TonePad is not limited to a single tone (sound), but rather has 4 presets (Moods) . In addition to sound presets, Melodica has 4 selectable scales. Although neither sounds or scales are editable, still mixing and matching “moods” between tones and scales can create very interesting results.

Melodica Settings

Settings Interface.

Sound are very pleasant and have very familiar  FM feel to it (remember that old music box?). Slight delay and reverb give the sounds rich atmosphere, although it would have been a nice feature to be able to adjust the effect level manually.

Tempo is adjustable, which is a huge plus, however it cannot be set to a specific numeric value (120 BMP for instance).

Melodica Preview

Preview Screen.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of Melodica is its  ability to browse through and preview all of your creations, without having to load each one individually. This comes in very handy when recording your Melodica sequences in studio.

Overall, Melodica is a fun little app. Its use can go  beyond entertainment, studio use or even onstage (preferably when running on iPad) given its ability to freely compose very complex melodies live.

Pros: 16 step sequencer; save function; share & search function; rich atmosphere; polyphonic; 4 sound presets; 4 scale presets; adjustable tempo, instant preview; great for live improvisation.

Cons: no transpose (octave shift); no Note and Step (bar) markers; effect cannot be turned off.


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